Juniper has Totally Won their Hearts

Little Maxie is now bigger Juniper and doing quite well.  The two other pets – one old cat and one young dog – are rather perturbed to be sharing our attentions but they’ll get over it.  She’s trying hard to be friends with them.  She’s quite funny and lovable, we’re very happy.  She eats a lot and has doubled in size, and romps around the house, plus takes her naps in any available basket.
[One week later ….]  Here are a few pictures.  Ozzie, the older cat, has a “clubhouse” in a high place where he hangs out and she now joins him there during the day. Then he started sleeping in her little box –  notice in the picture.  They don’t cuddle or play yet exactly, but I think he is really getting used to her.  Juniper tries to jump on him and doesn’t seem at all afraid of him.  And she’s more trusting of the dog, so they can play a little.  She plays with her ball in my yoga studio, where she is quite skilled at dribbling across the room.  And she loves watching computer screens. She’s very curious and interactive, which we like.  She has totally won our hearts.

Thanks !



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