She Knew She Couldn’t Bring Them Back :)


These foster babies came to be mine and Andrew’s (my dog), when in the 2 days before it was time to bring them back in for adoption, they were following me EVERYWHERE in the house. Before that I had already thought that I wanted to keep them but I was having some doubts when all this cuteness started. If I shut the door to the bathroom, there was sure to be 2 kittens faintly meowing and scratching outside the door. When I went to bed there were 2 kittens almost falling all over each other to get the best spot on the bed spread (the cozy space behind my knees) and even though cats are not allowed on the bed, I just couldn’t say no. When they would wake up out of a dead cat sleep just to, in a drowsy haze, follow me into the kitchen so they could fall back into their dead sleep but in the same room with me. When they started to snuggle, clean, and play with Andrew the dog like he’s a littermate. I just couldn’t let them go! They were clearly devoted to us and to staying so they remain, raising hell and loving life with each other.



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