They Fell for Cece and the Rest is History

We weren’t quite sure what we were getting into when we agreed to foster a cat with asthma, but we knew that we’d make sure she took her medicine and we were glad to help.  Little did we know that we would fall in love with her quirkiness and multiple personalities so much so that we found ourselves missing her even though we were next busy with three sweet but energetic kittens.  The rest is history – we jumped at the opportunity to take Cece back and adopted her shortly thereafter.

Cece became an official member of the family on Halloween 2009 – perfect timing given her black, white and orange coloring. Since then, she has managed to discover every comfy nook and cranny in our apartment – and apparently we have a lot! Some of Cece’s favorite pastimes include snuggling up smack in front of our flat screen TV, chasing her favorite laser toy, and promptly reminding us that it’s mealtime. Luckily, Cece’s asthma has been manageable and she doesn’t mind when we force her to take her medicine as long as we follow it up with treats.  The quickest way to get Cece to come running and share some kisses is to shake her favorite bag of treats – works every time!

She is very affectionate and loving cat – on her own terms – and can often be found curled up on our laps or sleeping peacefully at the bottom of the bed. We are very fortunate that she chose to adopt us.

Thanks Kitty Kind!

Jen & Jiill

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