Mimi and Emmitt, Friends Forever

I am so happy to report that all is well with Panda (who has been named Mimi.)  She and Emmitt have met and although he has put her in her place a couple of times, they are getting along fantastically. They are busy chasing each other, running around, and playing with toys. She is eating well and using the litter box like a good girl.  Last night she was a little crazy with the scratching and biting but now she will let us pet her and pick her up and cuddle her without too much of that.  She also didn’t try to hide or avoid Emmitt at all.  She is really a little love and I’m so happy that she is the one we adopted, especially because of her story.  [NOTE:  Panda was rescued by a good Samaritan, who found her wandering with a rope around her neck, and contacted Kitty Kind who took her in for adoption.]

I have attached a picture of Mimi and Emmitt from this morning as they were resting after breakfast.

Thank you so much for your care and concern for Mimi.  She is really a special baby, and I really feel lucky to have her with us!

Thank you and have a great day!



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