Yam Yam and Ashley, in Their New Home

Yam Yam’s many fans will be happy to know he is doing splendidly.  As you recommended, patience (coupled with bribes) did win him over to the point where he is quite friendly to me most of the time, sometimes jumps up on my lap, sleeps on my lap if I’m stretched out watching TV, and most of the time responds to my efforts to pet him with much wriggling and purring.  And I can pick him up!   He’s still very shy of my husband, who so far can only pet him while he’s eating.  And eat he does.  We are mindful of the dietary recommendations and do not want him to get too fat.  But he loves to eat and will eat all of Ashley’s food too if he has the opportunity.  He has grown a lot in the four weeks we have had him.  He loves the feather fishing pole toy and running all over the place.  As advertised, he is a wrestling fanatic.  (We considered changing his name to Hulk Hogan. )  Ashley has been very tolerant of this and actually starts it some of the time.

As a lover of orange tabblies, I had my eye on Yam Yam from the start and kind of viewed Ashley initially just as an acceptable companion since we wanted to have two kittens.  She has turned out to be absolutely delightful–with the best disposition of any cat we’ve ever had.  Not just a pretty face, though we do think she’s a beautful girl.  She’s very friendly as well as lively and more curious and a better jumper and climber than Yam Yam.  My husband is really crazy about her.  Many many thanks to every one at Kitty Kind for the help with her after-care when her incision from spaying wasn’t healing properly.

We are very pleased that both the kitties have turned out to be good travelers, accepting the ride in their carriers and delighting in more space (and stairs to race up and down!)  in the country, where we have now taken them twice.

Again, thanks to everyone who took in these wonderful kitties and cared so well for them before they became ours.



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