Mia and Zoe, Happy at Home

My girls, now named Zoe & Mia, are doing well.  Zoe, who must have been the one that a volunteer took home, was more interactive with me from the start, as opposed to her sister who initially was extremely skittish around me but I see improvements with her daily.  She sees how Zoe & I interact. I pet Zoe, give her tummy rubs, she purrs & she cuddles up with me on the couch.  Mia sees this & is getting closer to me. I hope this reinforces her trust & eventually she will come to me on her own.  I talk to her, but don’t make any fast moves or reach out to her for fear of her taking off to hide.  She must have been traumatized by human kind, so it is still going to take time, but as I said, I see daily improvement.  I just let her come to me when ready.  I do give her treats which seem to help too!


Thank you so much for all the valuable information.  I found it very useful.  Mia has become more interactive & even let me pet her & give her some head/chin rubs.  She did start to purr & rollover, but her sister, Zoe, got into the act as well, she didn’t want to be left out.  Maybe a little jealous, so I pet both at the same time.  Zoe was the most adjusted from the start so I guess she feels she should be the center of attention more than her sister!  Well, attached are some pictures, individually & together for you to share.  I do have cat dancer….they love that & they play real hard together.  When I think they are about to kill one another, I shout out “girls!”, they both stop & look at me at attention.  Sounds worse than it is I guess.  But they both seem happy.



One Response to “Mia and Zoe, Happy at Home”

  1. Arlene Chase Says:

    Jelly Bean looks like mmay cat Chuckie. he too sleeps at the foot of your bed or on our pillows at night. I think Kitty Kind is a wonderful project

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