Sisters and Good Friends

Relaxing, eating food, and playing with the catnip sugar glider!

Both of the girls are doing well.  Clementine seems much more active now, and has even been running around and playing with this tease toy that we recently bought. Waffles is her old frisky self, jumping all over the place and sprinting from one corner of the apartment to the other.  Waffles was bullying Clem when she got back from her vet appointment, and they kind of switched roles after Waffles’ surgery. But it’s only been a few days and they are already friends again. I think that the vacuum cleaner had something to do with it – they both get really scared when it’s on and they were hiding under the bed together. After that, they were grooming one another, snuggling, following each other around, eating out of the same dish.  It’s really adorable.  They are also becoming more and more comfortable in our apartment.  We’ve had friends over, and Clem always jumps into people’s laps and makes herself at home. I could’ve never imagined her doing that when we first got her – it seems that she’s coming out of her shell.  She’s now quite the crowd pleaser.  She is always very, very affectionate, always clambering to sit on us and lie down next to us. Even Waffles, who is usually the rowdier one, has started curling up in our laps and falling asleep.

They also are enjoying the scratching post and their toys – particularly a teaser with a mouse attached to the end.  They never cease to make us happy!

Anna & Will


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