Fonery, a Cat with a Rich Personality


Foneroy is such a wonderful cat and I’m very grateful to KittyKind for bringing us together.  He’s got such a rich personality and it’s been a lot of fun getting to know him.  From the moment I opened his carrier, he was an intrepid explorer, curious about everything in his new home and not the least bit scared.  He also follows me around in the house, and always seems interested in what I’m doing.  In bed he even crawls under the covers just to see what’s there.  He’s also a conversationalist, which is delightful. I’ve heard of talking cats, but never knew any who did more than ask for food.  Aside from at mealtimes, though, Foneroy will mew, chirp, purr, and meow anytime we’re together.  It’s great having a cat who not only listens, but who will give his own opinion too!  In all, Foneroy continues to be active, curious, and a wonderful companion.

I really couldn’t ask for a better companion.  I’m very grateful to all the volunteers–especially Patricia, Beverly, Stephen, and Miriam who helped me personally–who took such good care of him and helped bring him into my life!

Best to all,


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