Zoltan, the City Cat Explorer


When Zoltan came home with us, I assumed he would stay in the carrier for the night and be very nervous, but instead, he jumped right out and started exploring.

He is definitely a city cat, not afraid of anything including loud noises, which is a relief since my vacuum must wake up the neighbors every time I use it!

He loves, loves, loves to play especially with the toy mice and string! He is so excited when we get home at night and never forgets to wake us up every morning at 7am!

Even though we took Zoltan in as a foster kitty for a few days, we fell in love with him immediately. He was so friendly and loving and fit right in the family!


One Response to “Zoltan, the City Cat Explorer”

  1. Kiri Says:

    I remember this cat from a few weeks ago. Loved him.

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