Nico’s New Home, KittyKind


We adopted Oscar (now renamed Nico) from Kittykind a few weeks ago. When we first visited him, he sealed the deal right away by presenting his tummy to be petted. Since we brought him home, he’s continued to show us what an affectionate and playful boy he is. He’s also been working hard at winning over our other cat, and is making good progress. It’s hard to believe that such a sweet, friendly cat was ever a stray! We’re so grateful to everyone at Kittykind for bringing Nico into our lives.

Jack and Anna

P.S. In this photo, Nico is engaged in his favorite morning activity–sitting in the window, and meowing at the world going by.


One Response to “Nico’s New Home, KittyKind”

  1. Raymond Bial Says:

    Wow, what a handsome cat.

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