Athena, a City Cat at Heart


Surprisingly, the ride home on the subway, with all the noises and movement, didn’t seem to bother Athena.  She was curious but didn’t meow or struggle in the box.  I guess she’s a city cat used to all the noise.  I set her up in our spare room, which is huge, and she immediately started exploring every inch. Then she ran, jumped, played, ate and used her litter box. She wasn’t timid or wary at all. She has adjusted so well. Now she’s also getting attached to us and meowing when she hears us and wants to follow us out of the room. I’ve taken her to other rooms and confined her there temporarily so she can sniff about. She loves to run about and explore each room.

I’m trying to keep her and our older cat Cali separated. It’s going to be hard because they are both curious about each other and dislike closed doors. I’ve let them sniff each others’ environment and I’m slowly letting Cali see her so he realizes she’s like him and not a squirrel or intruder.



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