Lindo, a Very Happy Ending, KittyKind


Lindo is a special cat who came into my life kind of unexpectedly…

During my Sunday evening shift [volunteering at KittyKind], he was brought in and unfortunately had nowhere to go. The woman who brought him in said he was found in the garbage and was diagnosed with feline leukemia. She could not take him back and KittyKind had no available space for him.  Dawn asked if anyone could foster him and I said okay!  I’ve never had a cat before and I had just lost a dog so I was happy to have a furry companion.

The first night I brought him in, I was so excited but Lindo wasn’t feeling the same way.  He immediately found haven underneath my bed.  I tried to bribe him out with dangly toys but he was not interested.  However, he was interested in cat food.  He came out of hiding to eat and then went right back under once he was done.  I knew then that he was a cat with an appetite.

The first few days were a game of “Where in the World is Lindo?”  I was late for work one morning because I couldn’t find him and thought he had somehow escaped!  I went to work and had my roommate update me if she spotted him.  When I finally came home, he emerged from my storage closet to eat and then quickly scurried back in there.  I had to clean out the closet to bring him back out.  I took him into my room where he had nowhere to go.  After much pouting and staring, he decided that lying on my bed was much more comfortable than underneath my bed.  Since then, he’s never left.

He’s a very curious cat and has been known to chase mouseys, leaving a few treasures for me to find.  A curious cat for sure, he follows people to the bathroom and insists on using it with you.  His favorite pastimes are using my bed as his scratching post, hanging out in the bathtub, and watching TV.  Houseguests are often surprised how attached he is to me, always waiting for me at the door.  We are a loyal duo, inseparable to the end.


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