Chopstick, Truly Loved, KittyKind


After seeing Chipmonk for three weeks in the store and having my heart melt a little each time he crawled out onto my lap as I tried to clean his cage, I finally took him home.  Now known as Chopstick, he seems to enjoy his new home and he’s a fantastic cat!  He’s lively and energetic but knows when it’s time to calm down (a few minutes of wearing him out with his favorite toy helps).  Even though he sometimes pretends to be uninterested in sitting with me, in the middle of the night he worms his way between my arms and snuggles up next to my face.  We’re about to move into an apartment on our own and I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to be in charge.  I’m so glad I brought him home – I love him!

Thanks, Miriam!


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