Brenda, A Red Sox Fan and Happy Cat


Dear Miriam,

I adopted Brenda after fostering her for about 2 weeks.  I had visited Petco numerous times and always noticed one shy, sad looking cat in one of the corner cages.  I was actually buying supplies as I was planning on adopting a kitten when I noticed that Brenda was awake and figured it couldn’t hurt to say hello.  I played with her a little bit in the cage, but she only wanted to bite and swat. Needless to say there was something precious in her eyes and after talking to Miriam I ended up taking Brenda home that night to foster.  Two weeks have gone by, and I have now adopted her and could not imagine a better companion to have.  She has come out of her shell completely, and is the most playful loving little girl.  She enjoys playing with all of her new toys, sitting on my lap licking and nibbling on my arm while we watch the Red Sox together (yes, she’s a rare breed in this city) , and cuddling up in bed next to me every night to go to sleep.  She is quite the talker, and is always at the door waiting to say hello whenever I come home.   I am so thankful to whoever rescued Brenda off the street and gave her a second chance, and Kitty Kind for caring and nurturing her and bringing her into my life.  Because of you Brenda has become the new leading lady in my life!

Thank you so much,



One Response to “Brenda, A Red Sox Fan and Happy Cat”

  1. doggreen Says:

    Thank you

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