Yoshie, Happy to be at Home


Rescued in early 2009, Yoshi, named after the Union Square storefront where he was found, was hairless, malnourished, and unloved – that is until KittyKind found and nursed him back to health. Yoshi is now a thriving, happy, healthy, loving, and loved member of our family, which includes another 2008 Kitty Kind adoptee, Yuffie. Nowadays, one will find Yoshi searching around not for food or shelter, but for tummy rubs and attention. Though at times we still catch Yoshi trying to gnaw through paper bags for a little extra snack, he spends the majority of his time following Adam and me around, head-butting us for neck and back rubs, sleeping with us on the sofa, and blocking the TV – an activity that Yoshi seems to have picked up to remind Adam and me that we should be paying him more attention! Together, Yoshi and Yuffie make our home complete, and we are so grateful for Kitty Kind for continuing to work with us even after our adoption process was formally complete!


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