Nemo’s New Home- KittyKind


Nemo is doing well!  She continues to explore the apartment and rub against everything.  She is crazy about the mock peacock feather and enjoys swatting at balls that light up or have bells in them.  She is absolutely very friendly and can usually be found purring.

She is eating but sometimes is a little picky.  We have tried Iams wet food but she does not seem to be a consistent fan of it.  We recently bought a few cans of the Wellness wet food and plan to let her try it this weekend.  She has an interest in plastic bags, especially around 3-4 am.  We are trying to hide all plastic bags from her.  We just ordered a TopCat Sisal scratching post and cannot wait to receive it.  We hope she will like it.  We have attached some pictures.  We really appreciate what KittyKind does and understand that we can always come to you with any questions or concerns.

Everything is great.  We are really happy to have the opportunity to have Nemo in our lives.

Katie & Gabe

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