Bessie a Happy Ending at KittyKind


Bessie and Jessie are doing great! Jessie is very interested in her but due to her hissing and growling and he is being patient and giving her some space.  He keeps making this ringing noise.. brrrrrraaaw.. and rolling on his side trying to play with her!  I kept her in the bathroom the first night, which she liked cause the next day when she was a little unsure she kept running back to her “safe” spot, but by the day’s end she and Jessie were touching noses. She is really sweet, with the cutest little meow, and very curious and playful… she ran around the apartment and Jessie tried to entice her into a chase but she was not sure about him yet! She likes to look out the windows and see the birds.. I had some grass for Jessie, which he has no interest in, and she enjoyed rubbing her face in it.

Thanks again. I have a wonderful new addition to my family and she will get lots of love and care with Jessie and I!


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