Frost Finds a New Home and Friend


Frost is the biggest sweet heart.  Every day when we get home from work, Frost is running to greet us as soon as he hears the key in the lock.  When we sit on the couch to watch television, he just loves to cuddle up and join the party.  His years living on the streets seem to have left their mark.  Beyond the permanent scratches on his nose that attest to his previous life as a stray, the experience also left him with a street smart cool and a deep sense of appreciation for what he has now.  When he meets our neighbors’ cats, even while their cats are terrified and hissing, Frost stays calm and ignores them as he walks past to inspect the new environment.  Those housecats are nothing compared to what he’s been through in the past.  And after the hard times he’s lived through, he always seems so happy to be able to just sit with us and be loved, he’s not at all aloof like many cats.  Hilariously enough, the only thing that seems to really faze him is our rabbit Dao – I guess Frost never saw anything like that on the streets before!  They usually get along well, but Dao likes to go tearing around the apartment at high speeds, constantly on the verge of losing control while he slides on the hardwood floors with his paws wildly flailing and scrambling, and when Frost sees that coming his way he always turns tail and runs!

Mike and Mei


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