A Super Happy Ending at KittyKind NYC

Elliot and Oliver were adopted from KittyKind last year. Their adopter Ryan, sent in this fabulous video that shows the two brothers living a normal and happy life.

Here is an excerpt from what Ryan wrote about the video.

“This is a short video of my two cats, Oliver and Elliot. I adopted them in February 2008 from a group in NYC called KittyKind. Both cats were born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) because their mother had distemper when she was pregnant with them. They are two out of a litter of four (all born with the disability). While they have some unusual ways of doing things, they are mostly normal cats.”


One Response to “A Super Happy Ending at KittyKind NYC”

  1. Lynelle Says:

    I am a volunteer with KittyKind and I remember when Elliot and Oliver and their siblings came into the store. They were especially close to my heart b/c I have a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia. I am thrilled that they are doing so well, they look very happy. The one thing that concerns me is that there doesn’t seem to be any rugs in your apartment. My cat actually broke his two fang teeth while falling on my wood floors. As he is getting older, I am sure that it will take it’s toll on his bones too. I just wanted to mention this because I think it would be a huge benefit to them to have some cushion for their falls and also traction for walking.

    Take care and best of luck,

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