Kevin and Sheila Get Adopted, KittyKind


Kevin and Sheila are settling in beautifully!  They have already picked out their favorite spots to lounge.  My daughter was very excited and has been very patient.  She has spent much of the day following them at a distance and giggling. Kevin and Sheila have such funny personalities already, so I can’t wait to see what happens when they get more comfortable.

(A few days later…)  The cats are doing great.  They are SO funny. Sheila sleeps on my head every night, and Kevin spends his evenings kneading my husband’s armpit.  They are loving and silly and make us laugh daily.

Your organization has been very warm and helpful.  Thank you to you and all of the volunteers.  We feel very lucky to have our new family members!

Thanks again,


One Response to “Kevin and Sheila Get Adopted, KittyKind”

  1. mjanetten Says:

    This is such great news!! Kevin and Sheila really touched alot of the volunteers at KittyKind. We could never understand why such an adorable pair took so long to get adopted…now I really believe they were waiting for that perfect home. Thanks for adopting these beauties!!

    KK Volunteer

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