Benjamin Goes Home- KittyKind


After my beloved ocicat-mix Leo passed away suddenly last September, there had been a real void in the house, and I really didn’t know if any other pet could fill that void. But when Miriam at KittyKind recommended that I take a look at Benjamin, I decided to take a chance.

I picked Benjamin up on the day after Christmas and he has turned out to be a wonderful “Christmas Gift” to myself!! He’s really made himself at home here and is a gentle, friendly and affectionate fellow, who likes to vocalize a lot in a tiny little voice that belies his SUV size!  It’s a pleasure to come home each evening to find him waiting there. I look forward to many years of happiness, spending time with, and playing with, the delightful Benjamin. Thanks to Miriam of KittyKind for this “match”!





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One Response to “Benjamin Goes Home- KittyKind”

  1. art Says:

    Forgot to mention how much this guy loves the bathtub, and will sit and wait for me to turn on the faucet so he can guzzle water right out of the faucet! And if he gets a little wet in the process, he doesn’t care a bit! (I have never had a “water cat” before!)

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