Papaya Finds a Very Happy Home


Years ago I’d gotten two cats from KittyKind: the jetty, mysterious Poe; and Izzy, a tabby very close to me, who died unexpectedly on December 30. If you’re reading this, you know the astonishing grief of losing an adored pet. I wanted another cat right away, and went back to KittyKind. All my cats had been female, for no apparent reason, and for years I’d been visualizing a red male. Would there be such a cat today? Among all the beautiful cats available, I saw a six-month-old orange boy. When I held him, he hugged me back and purred. I’d never met a cat so immediately generous. To see if he was frightened of dogs (for also at home, along with Poe, are Caleb and Tracy, the shelties), we “borrowed” a dog shopping in the store with his human and brought him up to the kitten. No fear! After a while the kitten began to get restless and I returned him to his cage, but immediately he stood tall on his hind legs and pointedly stared at me. It was hard to walk away. When he arrived on January 2, the other animals greeted him warmly. I wasn’t really surprised, for who wouldn’t welcome such an amiable, forthright and charismatic fellow?



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