Jack Finds His Forever Home, KittyKind


We’re so happy to officially have Jack as our own. My roommate and I began fostering Jack in late August. When we went to Kitty Kind, Miriam (an adoption rep) introduced us to a 2 year old cat, who we now call Jack. He was agitated in his cage and needed a break from life inside that tiny space. Though our apartment wasn’t much bigger, we decided to take him home for a while. He was shy at first, but that quickly changed and we have loved him since the moment he moved in. He’s probably one of the quirkiest cats I’ve ever met, with a head twitch when he eats and the squeakiest of meows. He has a preference for the bathtub (without water of course) and loves to drink from the faucet in the sink. He is incredibly energetic and enjoys running sprints from one bedroom to the other, often sliding to the finish on a rug in my bedroom. Though we have purchased him lots of toys, he finds much more interest in a string from a laundry bag and most recently, a leftover ribbon from decorating our Christmas tree. He loves to eat and we even refer to him as “the cat who cried wolf” because he likes to pretend he hasn’t already been fed. Jack is a great cuddler as well and loves blocking the view to the television. He will lay his head on your shoulder and stretch his body out as far as he possibly can. He also is my newest form of wake up call, jumping on my pillow and meowing until I get up to feed him. Despite his quirkiness and yes, I’ll say it, neediness as well, we love him dearly and have finally officially adopted him as our own.



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