Grasshopper the Cat, a Happy Ending


Happy Holidays from Grasshopper the cat!

After three years, Grasshopper is still enjoying life to the fullest — and he’s still my little buddy. 2008 has been a good year for him. He recently figured out that laps are nice places for cats, and he now spends a good bit of time collapsed on people, purring his heart out. Grasshopper has also appointed himself official loaner cat to any guest who spends the night. Visitors can’t get enough of him.

This year, Grasshopper also learned that he can show ultimate affection without biting people’s noses. Most of the time he settles for rubbing heads, but for important occasions, he will put his teeth up against a nose and gently close his kitty lips over it. It’s very sweet and shows a good deal of consideration for fragile human beings.

Attached are some pictures. I hope you enjoy them. As always, many thanks to




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