Cassie, a Happy Ending at KittyKind


Cassie is doing great. After only a few days she and Maggie are fast friends, they play and chase each other and attack me for food together like little conspirators. It’s been great and she seems very happy. I am also happy that Maggie seems less frantic for my attention and obsessed with food now that she has something else to occupy her mind.

All and all I think is was a great thing for ALL of us and I’m so glad. She is healthy and happy, sweet, SUCH a lovable kitty and we’re very happy to have her with us. We are settling in to becoming a happy little threesome.

Here are some photos of her getting used to the new place and the two of them. Again, thank you so much for the introduction. She is a GREAT addition to the family.

Thanks for checking in and happiest of holidays!




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