Toby (aka Jefferson) Finds a Home- KittyKind


Thank you for following up! And thank you for the very comprehensive and helpful letter. Jefferson (now: Toby) is doing very well. We’ve transitioned him off wet Science Diet to wet Wellness and Natural Balance, which is what we feed our cat, Bala, and he’s loving them. We kept them completely separate for 1 1/2 days and have been gradually increasing the amount of exposure to each other each day. Now we just put Toby in the bathroom at night so that Bala can still sleep with us without his bed territory being threatened. After this weekend, we’ll try letting Toby be out all night. Toby is social and loving and Bala is a bit horrified but warming up to him slowly. There’s been hissing and the occasional punch, but no fights, no blood, no screaming. Bala is a friendly cat and very lively and will love to play once he accepts him and has taught him his place in the home.

Toby is the most wonderful, beautiful, light-spirited and loving kitten! We are ecstatic to have him and are making sure he knows he’s loved as we go through this introduction time with Bala. Below are some photos of the gorgeous boy.

Thanks again for following up.



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