Luke- Cat Adoption Story NYC- KittyKind

The first night Luke arrived; we were warned that he might have a hard time adjusting. The carrier was opened and out popped Luke, right onto Eric’s lap. He immediately nestled in Eric’s neck and began to purr. Within hours, he was following around our older cat, Porkchop, doing everything she did. And trying to play with her by jumping on her. He’s starting to realize the pouncing method was not the best idea and has switched to chasing her. She seems amused and they are beginning to play together.
He also LOVES to be in the kitchen when we are cooking. We’ve given him the nickname “Chef” because it’s his favorite place in the house (see picture attached).
He greets us every morning with a beautiful meow and purring combo, meets us at the door when we get home from work and snuggles with us at night when he’s not busy trying to get Porkchop to play.
We are so thankful that we were able to bring him into our family – We are forever indebted to Kitty Kind for introducing him to us!
Thank you!
Eric and Natalie


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2 Responses to “Luke- Cat Adoption Story NYC- KittyKind”

  1. wellsmon Says:

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

  2. Jamie Says:

    I am so thankful for the update you’ve provided. I am a one of the cleaning volunteers at KittyKind and fell in love with Luke. He’s really special and I am so grateful he has found such a wonderful home with you.

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