Mika and Picasso- NYC Feline Adoption Group



Being a KittyKind volunteer can occasionally be tough. We see the cats come and go but some of them, for whatever reason, stick around for longer than most. Picasso and Mika (formerly JoAnn) were two of those cats. From the first day they were at KittyKind Picasso stole my heart. As soon as you would open the cage door to clean, he would leap out onto your shoulder and nuzzle into your neck. I couldn’t get over how adorable he was. Mika was super cute too though very, very shy. She wouldn’t let you touch her at all, terrified little girl. Week after week I came in and there they were. Finally, I realized the reason they were still there is because they were meant to be with me. After much pestering, my marvelous brother (& roommate) finally agreed to let Picasso join my two others, Apollo and Emma. When I went to bring Picasso home though, I couldn’t bear to leave Mika alone…so she came too 🙂

The two of them settled right in. It is the best group of cats ever, they are my royal family. King Apollo, Queen Emma, Prince Picasso, and the little Princess Mika. Both cats live up to their nicknames. The prince is your typical handsome boy, always trying to be the best at everything, beating up the others, and when no one is looking…snuggling with me like there is no tomorrow. And the little princess has come full circle. She LOVES to be pet… it’s like a drug for her… but she is so dainty. She runs away and just when you are about to give up she tosses herself down on the ground and rolls and purrs… delightful. I couldn’t ask for anything more, the four of them are my heart.



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