I didn’t mean to adopt a pussycat that day. I just meant to visit my friend Madalyn who was helping out at your Kitty Kind “Senior for Seniors” event. However, when I saw the label on Luther’s cage, Luther aged 16, and he was curled up in the back, I felt so sad – “who would want a senior cat of 16”? Guess what? As soon as I held him in my arms I knew it would be me. What a sweetheart he is. Everyone who meets him loves him. When I took him home he used the litter box and then hid for a couple of hours. Then he popped out of hiding and sat across the room and looked at me. After a while he decided to come over and greet me. Since then we have been on very loving terms. We have had to visit the vet a couple of times and everyone loves him there. He sat quietly when he was examined and had some blood taken. You would not even know he has claws and teeth. Incidentally, for a 16 year old he has a full set of beautiful white teeth. He has a strong singing voice and I have added Pavarotti to his name. He is particularly strong in the aria area and can hold notes for quite a while. He is so special and I thank you Emily and your associates at Kitty Kind for taking him in when no one wanted him. I also thank you for all the good work you do.



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