Baby and Dorothy

Lucky Baby got to sit on Dorothy’s lap yesterday in the KittyKind adoption center at Petco. Baby is awaiting her forever home. Dorothy is one of our very special volunteers that collects donations, 4-6 days a week, for KittyKind.


2 Responses to “Baby and Dorothy”

  1. Sandor Marton Says:

    Hey! That’s our kitty! No, seriously. We adopted her back in August of 2008 along with a little striped male kitten.

    These two cats are the most unbelievably friendly cats I have ever come across. They handle strangers well and are just incredibly loving and affectionate. Mondie (our name for “Baby”) asks to be held and enjoys giving me little cat hugs while purring loudly. She is sleeping in the chair next to me right now, actually.

    The striped cat is hyper and hilarious. He has taken to climbing under the covers with us at night.

    Both cats are completely trusting. Kitten Kind does an AMAZING job caring for and raising their cats. Again, I have never seen animals so well suited to interact with humans. The striped male cat (Raleigh) wants to be held by anyone who stops by.

    We loves these little cats a ton. They are able to run around quite a bit in our apartment and we try to keep them entertained… although based on the constant commotion all night, they seem to do a pretty good job of entertaining themselves.

    In order to make their NY apartment life as fun as possible, we built them a cat climbing structure on the wall. It is a series of shelves that allows them to climb up to the ceiling and then all along the top of the wall. We also built 2 beds for them up there.

    Anyway. THANKS. You people are amazing.

  2. Sandor Marton Says:

    My fiance reminded me that “Raleigh” used to be called “Kamiko”.

    We would love to be able to send pictures and a letter to whoever raised these two little friends.

    Sandor & Autumn

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